week #39 – “Singing On Water” first videoclip for the new album!!!!

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on the road – thank you for the show David Bowie

It’s hard to express all the blues. It is a sad day for art and music. He was the one that never failed and one of the few that had the courage to kill himself as artist to born again pure as a swan.  You were and will always be a massive inspiration for all the generations.  David Bowie thank you for the show.


Thank’s for the soul Natalie Cole

This is one of my favourite soul tracks of all the time. I selected this track a thousand times and more and I will keep on playing it. Because I can stop dancing, I can’t stop to sing this song. Her voice was a gift.  Rest in peace Natalie and say hello to your dad from all of us…

week #39 – song #39 “be satisfied” – sometimes we need to take it easy

An indie rock instrumental track for the weekend and the importance of being satisfied.

Una traccia di indie rock strumentale e l’importanza di essere soddisfatti.

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week#38 – “VAMPIRES” – how to be a Jedi in a small town

Songs are the mirror of your ages and feelings, and when you find one that you had lost some years before there’s happiness to understand that everything moves on.

Le canzoni sono lo specchio dei tuoi anni e dei tuoi sentimenti, e quando ne trovi una persa qualche anno prima c’è felicità nel capire che tutto va avanti. 

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week#37 – “Just a little love song” – let’s start again!

A long break but now we are going straight for 17 weeks with new songs and an album with the band at the end of the 54songs!

Una lunga pausa ma adesso andiamo avanti per 17 settimane e alle fine ci sarà un nuovo album con la 54songs band.

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Estati Maliziose reprise…dedicated to Laura Antonelli

It was one year ago, when I released this track inspired by all the erotic summer movies from the ’70s and the ’80s. The one that is in the title of the song was “Malizia” (1974) with the great Laura Antonelli who passed away today 22nd June 2015. Rest in peace Laura and thank’s for the malice.



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on the road – international surfing day 2015

Today is the International Surfing Day. Every surfer in the world is happy to share a board, a smile and some words about surfing with everyone wants to try to surf on the beach. Today there are no waves at my place, the sea is flatter than flat. There will be waves tomorrow, maybe. The spirit, the good vibrations, the aim to share something beautiful with the rest of the world, even if some spot must remain secrets, all these things are the heart of surfing. I thank mother nature for all the good and bad waves, for all these gifts. Have a good surfing day.

on the road – El Sabatone de Tobia Lamare – Summer 2015 – a soul party!


sabatne promo borgmcenroeRGB

“non sense” promotion

Scroll down for the english version

Torna per la decima stagione il retro party più grande della costa salentina. L’appuntamento estivo settimanale che è diventato un punto di riferimento per gli abitanti dei weekend estivi salentini. Dal 2006 EL Sabatone de Tobia Lamare ha ospitato migliaia di anime in cerca di groove e tantissimi ospiti nazionali, rockstar locali e stelle della scena alternativa internazionale. In questi dieci anni persone si sono innamorate, sposate, generazioni intere si sono passate il testimone davanti al bancone. Come ogni anno arrivano numerose email di vacanzieri che si informano se anche quest’anno potranno sudarsi i polpacci con le selezioni di Tobia Lamare. La risposta è SI, e la data di inizio è il 27 giugno (2015) alla location storica, il lido Buena Ventura a Torre Specchia Ruggeri (LE).

It comes back for the season #10 the biggest retro party on the Salento coast. The weekly night that became a landmark for the weekenders of all ages in this part of Italy.

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on the road – “NORTHERN SOUL” a review and a summer (2015) full of soul

Screen-Shot-2014-10-15-at-15-17-59 (1)

Josha Whitehouse as Matt in the movie

NORTHERN SOUL is a movie written and directed by the fantastic photographer Elaine Constantine and released during the last year (2014). And you need to watch it …and dance it!
 NORTHERN SOUL è un film scritto e diretto dalla brava fotografa Elaine Constanine e uscito durante il 2014. Lo dovete guardare e..ballare.

The fact that I’m trying to dance again explains you a lot about this movie. This is the effect. It’s not a masterpiece, but it makes you dance. Because music, dance, colors, photography, clothes, retro memorabilia, including cheap wallpapers, are perfect. I would have loved more about dance and less about drugs, but amphetamines were truly a big deal in that scene. Probably it was a big deal everywhere in the 70s.

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on the road – #RainbowDay #RainbowPlayList #RainbowEveryDay


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Sunday 17 May is the International Day Against Homopobia, and in my town some friends (http://associazionelea.org/) took care to organize the #RainbowDay. I told a lot about my town. I love my town even if it is not an easy place for someone. It wasn’t for me as an aspiring young rocker in the ‘90s. It was not for my friends that want to dress different clothes. It was not easy for my gay friends. I think that it was not easy either for the people who didn’t like us.
I think that even in Stockholm a 20something boy or girl can have some problem with the coming out; but probably going out in the street and seeing men with a big moustache dressed as woman walking and talking naturally with a friend helps a lot in some way. Society can help a lot.

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on the road —> What happened to the 54songs?

54songs band recording @ Laboratori Musicali – Lecce – ph. Giovanni Ottini (ShotALive) from the left Tobia Lamare, Francesco Pennetta, Roberto Pisacane

Versione italiana in basso

Well, it happened that while I was walking my road through the 54songs weeks I met some amazing musicians. I already told you this story, but what I didn’t tell you is that I met some others…musician. The new band didn’t stop with a new drummer and bass player but have grown up with a brass section: a trumpet (Alessandro Dell’Anna) and a saxophone (Fulvio Palese). And everything changed….

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week#37 song#36 ODE TO THE WEST WIND —> Shelley, wind, waves and home recordings

welcome back from the 54songs band

welcome back from the 54songs band


An ode by Shelley written in Italy inspired me an hypnotic rhythm and made me think about the power of the waves. After a long pause I’m back on the 54songs and this song is my welcome back to my blog to all the new and old readers!

Una ode di Shelley scritta in Italia mi ha ispirato un ritmo ipnotico e mi ha fatto pensare all’energia delle onde. Dopo una lunga pausa sono di nuovo sulle 54songs e questa canzone è per dare di nuovo il benevenuto sul mio blog ai nuovi e vecchi lettori!

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#on the road – “singing on water stage” THE VIDEO -> music+surf+art

October 2014. Lecce. South East Italy. At the cultural centre Manifatture Knos. Musicians. Surfers. Artists. An artistic residence inspired by the water, the ocean, the waves. For one week. All together. Giles Carey surfer and video maker from Ireland documented what happened during that week and produced this amazing video. Go further and watch it!

angelo mojo verzini

angelo mojo verzini

Ottobre 2014. Lecce. Sud Est Italia. Nel centro culturale Manifatture Knos. Musicisti. Surfer. Artisti. Una residenza artistica ispirata dall’acqua, l’ oceano, le onde. Per una settimana. Tutti insieme. Giles Carey, surfer e videomaker irlandese ha documentato quello che è successo durante la residenza con uno straordinario video. Andate avanti e guardatelo!!!


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ON THE ROAD: the last week of the year – my 2014 playlist

Marry Xmas and Happy new year

Marry Xmas and Happy new year


I was thinking abuout the best records released on 2014, but I realized that during this year I discovered and listened a lot of old gems. I’m having a big party tomorrow night with all the djs close to Lobello Records: Dj Goffry, Sonda, Mr Octopus, Bleso 45, Guinea Melodies.

el capodannone de tobia lamare 2014

el capodannone de tobia lamare 2014

These tracks are what I like to listen in my car, to play at parties. Only some of them. 20 tracks. The good time for a couple of beers.

I want to thank all the readers that are following this blog. I will come back in the 2015 with my new songs.

Enjoy the playlist!

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XMAS WEEK – ALL I WANT FOR LAST XMAS IS YOU . Mariah Carey VS George Michael

HAPPY XMAS from the 54songs band, Be Project Studio, Kino Lecce.

These are my favourite Xmas Pop Songs played in our way. I hope you’ll like it.

And for all of the Spotify users this is my xmas playlist for you!  xmas lamare’s special

Buon Natale dalla 54songs band, Be Project studio e Kino Lecce.

QUeste sono le mie due canzoni pop di Natale suonate alla nostra maniera, e una playlist natalizia su Spotify per voi! Auguri e tanto amore!

xmas lamare’s special

see you during the next gigs!!! Ci vediamo ai prossimi live della 54songs band!!!

25/12 Lobello Records Xmas Party @ Masseria Ospitale Lecce

28/12 Porta San Giorgio Cafè – Grottaglie (TA)

06/01 Bonasciana – Novaglie (LE)


where have I been?

Where have I been?

Sometimes you have to stay closet o your family or your friends. Sometimes you have to go slow and think. Sometimes you have to stop to take care of something.

I know that the 54songs project seems like a “songs” marathon, but it’s not. It’s a diary, and these two weeks of silence are weeks full of “every day life”.

Being an indie musician means that you mostly D.I.Y. everything: booking, recordings, p.r., press office, graphics, posters, etc.

Three months ago I changed my band so we restarted to arrange the old songs and to compose new songs. We finally started to records something, and we are playing around. This is good. But as father and husband and friend of my friends I needed to take some hours every day to take care of all the people who loves me.

So no new recording songs but a playlist and a video to wish you a very very happy Xmas tomorrow.




week#36 song#35 THREE O’CLOCK —-> love in the time of college

Love in the time of college and the importance of being awake in the afternoon…

L’amore ai tempi dell’università e l’importanza di essere svegli il pomeriggio…

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week#35 song#34 ROOTS —-> Peppers VS Strawberries

Questa è una canzone che parla della mia terra: il Salento. Un posto dove può essere anche doloroso vivere, ma anche un posto al quale ti ritrovi incastrato con le mani nella terra, i piedi nell’acqua e gli occhi persi nel cielo…

This is a song about my hometown and the countryside around (Salento). Living here could be hard sometimes,but you feel like your hands stuck into the soil, your feet in the sea and your eyes lost in the sky…

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week #34 —> a new band called 54SONGS

Una settimana per presentarci la nuova band…che si chiama 54songs e che è molto groovy. Dalla prossima settimana riprendiamo l’orario invernale e ci vediamo con il nuovo brano di lunedì!

A week to introduce you the new band…called simply 54songs. We come back to the winter schedule and the songs we’ll be released on mondays.

Now let’s meet the band…

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week#33 song#33 IL MOSTRINO DEL SOLFEGGIO —-> a sweet lullaby/una ninnananna per i bimbi

Una canzone per bambini e (forse) per la buonanotte e anche un ricordo di un ragazzino che non voleva fare le lezioni di solfeggio.

A song for the kids perfect (maybe) for the bed time and also a memory about a little boy who got bored with the music exercise.

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week#32 – song#32 SECOND HAND MARKET –> friends, London, bye bye Sellers


Una canzone per ricordare fine settimana piovosi a Camden Town, pieni di gente, musica ed emozioni. Una canzone  anche per salutare la mia ultima band, che conclude quì i sui tour, le registrazioni e lascia spazio alla nuova formazione che si chiamerà semplicemente 54SONGS e che vi presenterò a breve. Quindi piccoli ritardi per assestamento sulla tabella di marcia, ma come sempre, riuscirò a farmi perdonare!

A song to remember rainy weekends in Camden Town, full of people, music and emotions. A song also to say goodby to my last band, that ends tours and recording sessions and give space to the new ensemble that will be named simply 54SONGS and that I will introduce you soon. So a little delay due to a re-organization, but, as always, I will do something to be forgiven!


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on the road – week#25 – “Estati Maliziose” Bis!!!!!


“Estati maliziose” diventa un’installazione. E così questa settimana vi regalo un doppione, ma con la promessa di una doppia canzone per la settimana prossima.

Sabato 19 – Domenica 20 Luglio all’interno del K-Now (una residenza teatrale che da diversi anni prende luogo a Lecce grazie agli sofrzi di Induma teatro) dalle 20:00 spettacoli sparsi nel quartiere Leuca a Lecce. La mia installazione la trovate all’interno della scuola “Ammirato Falcone” via Abruzzi, Lecce.

“Estati Maliziose” becomes an “art” stall. Not so a serious art stall. By the way this week I give you a double and I promise two new songs for the next week.

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 July 2014 this stall will be a part of K-Now an artistic residence about theatre and arts organized by Induma Teatro. My stall will be inside the school “Ammriato Falcone” Via Abruzzi, Lecce.


Il programma di sabato:

—> Sabato 19 – Si va in scena!
dalle ore 19:00 alle 22:00 vi aspetta una insolita caccia al tesoro: seguendo le indicazioni dell’apposita mappa (presto scaricabile e distribuita al punto informazioni posto a Porta San Biagio dalle ore 18.00 di sabato stesso), scoprirete le tantissime performance e installazioni a sorpresa realizzate nei 5 giorni di lavoro dagli oltre 40 artisti ospiti della residenza/laboratorio K-now! 2014



–>Domenica 20

Ersatzverkehr – Servizio Sostitutivo
di Lajos Talamonti

Spettacolo itinerante a bordo di autobus

partenza ore 18:30 e replica ore 20:30
via Leuca, incrocio viale Marche – di fronte Clinica Villa Bianca

– posti limitati – consigliata la prenotazione
(392 4549810 – indumateatro@gmail.com) –

—> Me da Igual – Cagnara
di Tony Clifton Circus

ore 22:30
cortile della scuola “Ammirato Falcone” via Abruzzi.

A seguire
—> Party con dj set
a cura della Lobello Records

L’ingresso a tutti gli spettacoli è gratuito.
Vi aspettiamo


week#24 – song#24 BLONDE #1 —> girls with blonde hair and fifa worldcup

-Se non posso essere famoso , almeno fatemi essere in ritardo!-

-If I can’t be famous, at last let me be on late!-

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week#23 – song#23 “Tonight” —> born to be indie

Una canzone del passato mai pubblicata. Una canzone che mi ricorda tour e concerti, birre e ore in sala prove.  A song from the past time that has never been released. A song that reminds me of tour and gigs, beer and hours spent in the rehersal room. Continua a leggere


#week22 song#22 SUNFLOWERS —> a big saturday

Questo, come tanti altri delle 54 songs, è un brano scritto e registrato alla Lobello Records. Quindi in campagna. Usando un microfono sm57, un registratore a cassette, un computer, una drum machine rotta e una keytar. Qualche campione vocale preso da vecchi brani. E’ uno di quei brani brevi ma a gestazione lunga. E’ un piccolo brano che aspetta il momento giusto per uscire fuori. Quel momento è arrivato quando ho visto un grande campo di girasoli davanti ai miei occhi.

 This is a typical track of the 54 songs, composed and recorded at Lobello Records, in the coutryside. Using a microphone sm57, a cassette recorder, a pc, an old drum machine and a keytar mixed with some old vocal recordings of mines. It’s a short song with a long pregnancy. It’s a small song that waits the right moment to come out. That moment arrived when I found myself in front of a big sunflower field.

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week #21 – song#21 “Coming Out” —> a gay pride in town

Ognuno di noi ha un coming out personale da fare. Perchè tutti abbiamo bisogno di essere liberi, e quando arriva il Gay Pride nella tua città è un buon momento per pensare a tutto questo.

We all have to make a personal coming out. Because we all need freedom, and when the Gay Pride Parade comes to your town that’s a perfect moment to think about it.

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week #20 – song#20 “Estati Maliziose” –> erotic and malicious summertimes and b-movies

Una canzone ispirata da “memorie Felliniane”, transistor caldissimi ed estati afose, maliziose ed eroticissime. Io e il fine Ac Jr all’armonica vi presentiamo ricordi di B-Movies, Edwige Fenech, Banfi e città deserte.

A song inspired by “Fellinian memories”, warm transistors and tropical, malicious and super erotic summertimes. Me and the finest harp player Ac Jr are glad to inroduce to you memories of B-Movies, Edwige Fenech and desolate towns,

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week#19 – song#19 “PRENDI LA LUNA” – dedicated to the new Cobains

A song about the Moon, purification, the ’90s, punk rock and all the fake Courtney Love of nowadays.

Una canzone sulla Luna, la purezza, gli anni ’90, il punk rock e tutte le finte Courtney Love dei giorni nostri.

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week#18 – song#18 “DAYS OF DELAYS” –> siesta or fiesta

Dobbiamo seguire quel momento senza nome, senza senso, solo istinto. Andare lenti e fuori tempo insieme agli altri. Per essere in armonia con l’estate.

We must follow that moment without a name, without a sense, only instinct. Going slow and out of time with the others. To be in armony with the summer.

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week #17 – summer is coming – song#17 “A SUMMER MELODY”


 Estate, partenze, lavoro, vacanze, mare e riverbero. E’ una canzone dedicata a chi ama e a chi ama le cose semplici ma preziose.

 Summertime, departures, work, holidays, sea and reverb. It’s  a song about who loves and loves simple but precious things.

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week#16 – summertime, pipelines and parmigiana – song#16 – Cat Woman

Questo vento caldo da il benvenuto a una stagione molto prossima. Una stagione fatta di colori accesi, di sapori, di turismo. Ed è il momento in cui riflettiamo sempre più spesso sulle nostre parmigiane, la musica e i gasdotti.

This warm wind welcome the new summer. A season made of bright colours, flavours and tourism. It is also the moment where we think more and more about our parmigiana. Music and pipelines.

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week#15 on the road – a weekend of music and food – la finalissima di fornelli indecisi


Ci sono voluti anni di impegno, allenamento, devozione. Ci sono voluti ragionamenti fino all’ultima goccia di amaro. Capire il senso delle cose. Capire la bellezza nascosta dei colori che cambiano.

It took years  of training and devotion. It took talkings till the last shot of digestive. Understand the meaning of things. Understanding the hidden beauty of the changing colours.

Amare il fritto non è da tutti. Iniziare a cucinare semplicemente mettendo dell’olio in una padella sul fuoco. Sempre. Amare il suono della cipolla o dello scalogno che si fanno man mano più scuri in quel liquido che sembra oro.

Lovig fried food it’s not for everyone. You should love to heat up the oil in a frying pan. Everytime. Loving the sound of the frying onions or shallot becoming darker and darker in that liquid that looks like gold.

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week#14 – song#14 – SHAVE ALL THE HIPSTERS


Ho sempre amato le sub-culture urbane. Negli anni ’90 indossavo un parka e, se non ero vestito super elegante allora ero un freak molto elegante. Ascott incredibili e foulard psichedelici, cravattini di pelle rossa scovati nel mercato della mia città. 

I have always loved urban subcultures. During the ‘90s I used to wear a parka and if I was not sumer smart I was a very smart freak. Incredible psychedelic foulards and red leather ties bought from the market of my town. 

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week #20 – song#20 “Estati Maliziose” –> erotic and malicious summertimes and b-movies

It was one year ago, when I released this track inspired by all the erotic summer movies from the ’70s and the ’80s. The one that is in the title of the song was “malizia” with the great Laura Antonelli who passed away today 22nd June 2015. Rest in peace Laura and thank’s for the malice.


Una canzone ispirata da “memorie Felliniane”, transistor caldissimi ed estati afose, maliziose ed eroticissime. Io e il fine Ac Jr all’armonica vi presentiamo ricordi di B-Movies, Edwige Fenech, Banfi e città deserte.

A song inspired by “Fellinian memories”, warm transistors and tropical, malicious and super erotic summertimes. Me and the finest harp player Ac Jr are glad to inroduce to you memories of B-Movies, Edwige Fenech and desolate towns,

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