where have I been?

Where have I been?

Sometimes you have to stay closet o your family or your friends. Sometimes you have to go slow and think. Sometimes you have to stop to take care of something.

I know that the 54songs project seems like a “songs” marathon, but it’s not. It’s a diary, and these two weeks of silence are weeks full of “every day life”.

Being an indie musician means that you mostly D.I.Y. everything: booking, recordings, p.r., press office, graphics, posters, etc.

Three months ago I changed my band so we restarted to arrange the old songs and to compose new songs. We finally started to records something, and we are playing around. This is good. But as father and husband and friend of my friends I needed to take some hours every day to take care of all the people who loves me.

So no new recording songs but a playlist and a video to wish you a very very happy Xmas tomorrow.




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