ON THE ROAD: the last week of the year – my 2014 playlist

Marry Xmas and Happy new year

Marry Xmas and Happy new year


I was thinking abuout the best records released on 2014, but I realized that during this year I discovered and listened a lot of old gems. I’m having a big party tomorrow night with all the djs close to Lobello Records: Dj Goffry, Sonda, Mr Octopus, Bleso 45, Guinea Melodies.

el capodannone de tobia lamare 2014

el capodannone de tobia lamare 2014

These tracks are what I like to listen in my car, to play at parties. Only some of them. 20 tracks. The good time for a couple of beers.

I want to thank all the readers that are following this blog. I will come back in the 2015 with my new songs.

Enjoy the playlist!

1 – “Mister Magic”  Grover Washington Jr

Mr Funky n°1.

Grover Washington Jr is the link between me and my new band. Smoothness, groove, beat. I’ve started my parties with this song during this year and everybody started with a silly walk shaking on the dancefloor. He is also a big inspiration for the 54songs band.


2 – “Move by yourself” Donavon Frankeinreiter

Super freak, super surfer, super super.

This is one of the hit at my party EL SABATONE. When you are alone driving back home in the night you need Donavon singing “don’t stop doing what you believe in, don’t let them to put you on a shelf, MOve by yourself tonight…”

He is not famous in Italy and it’s two years that I’m trying to organize a gig of Donavon in my place, hopefully I’ll make it for the 2015.


3 – “Moanin'” Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers

Cool as James Bond drinking a Martini Vodka

Super freak, super surfer, super super.

A song to dance, dance, dance. Jazz music is music for dancers, real dancers. I love when people love to dance to this song.

 4 – “Invisible” Ornette Coleman

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Everytime I went surfing during this year I listened to this song in my car. It’s a perfect song for longbarders. You can feel the steps on the board, the waves, the wind and the sun warming up the beach.


5. “Superwoman” Holland Dozier

I have a superwoman with me, and this is one of her favourite song. Plus it’s an incredible soul hit and everybody dance to this rhythm


6 “Over it” Dinosaur Jr

I love this song. I love this video. I love this band. I wanna grow up to be a Dinosaur


7 “Andata per davvero” Stef Giaccone

I think that this is one  of the most beautiful italian song. The lyrics are incredible, the melody is amazing and Stef Giaccone is a perfect example of what the word “indie” means.


8 “Let it shine” Bad Weather California

Amazing groove. I love it. I’m playing it 10 times at day since a month!!!!


9 “These days” Jackson Browne

I think that Jackson Browne is a genius. This song is amazing. He composed it when he was only 15 years old. He wrote it for Nico, but I’ve never liked her version.


10 “Like a rolling stone” Bob Dylan

There’s nothing to say about this song, because it’s the perfect song from a perfect album. I discovered Dylan when I was 15. As soon as I listened to this song I felt that I wanted to be free and away, somewhere, somehow. I think that it happened some years later.


11 “Can I change my mind?” Tyrone Davis

I like when people sample old songs.  That happened in Italy in the ’90s with a rapper that sampled this song. Then I discovered the original song. Then I covered it with my mind. And I love to play it with my guitar.


12 “Trying to live my life without you” Otis Clay

I just listen to this song and dance! I discovered when some years ago I met Billy T, a great bluesman from the States. he used to cover this super soul track. Well go and listen also to his version, it’s a very good one.


13 “Wipe Out” Surfairs

yes I am a surfer, bad but still a surfer and I listen to “wipe out” with my bad surfing friends when I go to the beach.


14 “Rodeo Clown” G Love and the Special Sauce

It’s an unbelievable groove, with amazing lyrics and vocal. Plus it’s hip-hop mixed to acoustic guitar and blues. Seriuosly groovy.


15 “You and your heart” Jack Jonson

He can surf, he can play, he can put me in a good mood. I always play Jack Jonson and Donavon during my parties, my dinners, while I am driving. You can feel the sea with their songs.


16 “Try”  Anilmal Liberation Orchestra (ALO)

Well I think that this is a great band. It’s funky, reggae, soul. It’s perfect for parties.


17 “Hollywood bass player” Josh Rouse

This song would be perfect for the Boogie Nights Soundtrack. There’s such a lot of ’70s in it.


18 “Louie Louie” Toots and the Maytal

Yeah Toots! Yeah Toots! Keep on!


19 “Follow the sun” Xavier Rudd

Good vibrations. Good mood. Good spirit. Another amazing surfer and musician. It is danceable, it works on the dancefloor. It is strange because it is a ballad after all.


20 “You out the flame on it” Charles Bradley

If you don’t know Charles BRadley you are missing probabily one of the best soulmen in the world.


 21 “La prima estate”Erlend Øye

A really cool guy, people person, amazing songwriter and bad surfer like me.





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