on the road – “NORTHERN SOUL” a review and a summer (2015) full of soul

Screen-Shot-2014-10-15-at-15-17-59 (1)

Josha Whitehouse as Matt in the movie

NORTHERN SOUL is a movie written and directed by the fantastic photographer Elaine Constantine and released during the last year (2014). And you need to watch it …and dance it!
 NORTHERN SOUL è un film scritto e diretto dalla brava fotografa Elaine Constanine e uscito durante il 2014. Lo dovete guardare e..ballare.

The fact that I’m trying to dance again explains you a lot about this movie. This is the effect. It’s not a masterpiece, but it makes you dance. Because music, dance, colors, photography, clothes, retro memorabilia, including cheap wallpapers, are perfect. I would have loved more about dance and less about drugs, but amphetamines were truly a big deal in that scene. Probably it was a big deal everywhere in the 70s.

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on the road – #RainbowDay #RainbowPlayList #RainbowEveryDay


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Sunday 17 May is the International Day Against Homopobia, and in my town some friends (http://associazionelea.org/) took care to organize the #RainbowDay. I told a lot about my town. I love my town even if it is not an easy place for someone. It wasn’t for me as an aspiring young rocker in the ‘90s. It was not for my friends that want to dress different clothes. It was not easy for my gay friends. I think that it was not easy either for the people who didn’t like us.
I think that even in Stockholm a 20something boy or girl can have some problem with the coming out; but probably going out in the street and seeing men with a big moustache dressed as woman walking and talking naturally with a friend helps a lot in some way. Society can help a lot.

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on the road —> What happened to the 54songs?

54songs band recording @ Laboratori Musicali – Lecce – ph. Giovanni Ottini (ShotALive) from the left Tobia Lamare, Francesco Pennetta, Roberto Pisacane

Versione italiana in basso

Well, it happened that while I was walking my road through the 54songs weeks I met some amazing musicians. I already told you this story, but what I didn’t tell you is that I met some others…musician. The new band didn’t stop with a new drummer and bass player but have grown up with a brass section: a trumpet (Alessandro Dell’Anna) and a saxophone (Fulvio Palese). And everything changed….

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week#37 song#36 ODE TO THE WEST WIND —> Shelley, wind, waves and home recordings

welcome back from the 54songs band

welcome back from the 54songs band


An ode by Shelley written in Italy inspired me an hypnotic rhythm and made me think about the power of the waves. After a long pause I’m back on the 54songs and this song is my welcome back to my blog to all the new and old readers!

Una ode di Shelley scritta in Italia mi ha ispirato un ritmo ipnotico e mi ha fatto pensare all’energia delle onde. Dopo una lunga pausa sono di nuovo sulle 54songs e questa canzone è per dare di nuovo il benevenuto sul mio blog ai nuovi e vecchi lettori!

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#on the road – “singing on water stage” THE VIDEO -> music+surf+art

October 2014. Lecce. South East Italy. At the cultural centre Manifatture Knos. Musicians. Surfers. Artists. An artistic residence inspired by the water, the ocean, the waves. For one week. All together. Giles Carey surfer and video maker from Ireland documented what happened during that week and produced this amazing video. Go further and watch it!

angelo mojo verzini

angelo mojo verzini

Ottobre 2014. Lecce. Sud Est Italia. Nel centro culturale Manifatture Knos. Musicisti. Surfer. Artisti. Una residenza artistica ispirata dall’acqua, l’ oceano, le onde. Per una settimana. Tutti insieme. Giles Carey, surfer e videomaker irlandese ha documentato quello che è successo durante la residenza con uno straordinario video. Andate avanti e guardatelo!!!


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ON THE ROAD: the last week of the year – my 2014 playlist

Marry Xmas and Happy new year

Marry Xmas and Happy new year


I was thinking abuout the best records released on 2014, but I realized that during this year I discovered and listened a lot of old gems. I’m having a big party tomorrow night with all the djs close to Lobello Records: Dj Goffry, Sonda, Mr Octopus, Bleso 45, Guinea Melodies.

el capodannone de tobia lamare 2014

el capodannone de tobia lamare 2014

These tracks are what I like to listen in my car, to play at parties. Only some of them. 20 tracks. The good time for a couple of beers.

I want to thank all the readers that are following this blog. I will come back in the 2015 with my new songs.

Enjoy the playlist!

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XMAS WEEK – ALL I WANT FOR LAST XMAS IS YOU . Mariah Carey VS George Michael

HAPPY XMAS from the 54songs band, Be Project Studio, Kino Lecce.

These are my favourite Xmas Pop Songs played in our way. I hope you’ll like it.

And for all of the Spotify users this is my xmas playlist for you!  xmas lamare’s special

Buon Natale dalla 54songs band, Be Project studio e Kino Lecce.

QUeste sono le mie due canzoni pop di Natale suonate alla nostra maniera, e una playlist natalizia su Spotify per voi! Auguri e tanto amore!

xmas lamare’s special

see you during the next gigs!!! Ci vediamo ai prossimi live della 54songs band!!!

25/12 Lobello Records Xmas Party @ Masseria Ospitale Lecce

28/12 Porta San Giorgio Cafè – Grottaglie (TA)

06/01 Bonasciana – Novaglie (LE)


where have I been?

Where have I been?

Sometimes you have to stay closet o your family or your friends. Sometimes you have to go slow and think. Sometimes you have to stop to take care of something.

I know that the 54songs project seems like a “songs” marathon, but it’s not. It’s a diary, and these two weeks of silence are weeks full of “every day life”.

Being an indie musician means that you mostly D.I.Y. everything: booking, recordings, p.r., press office, graphics, posters, etc.

Three months ago I changed my band so we restarted to arrange the old songs and to compose new songs. We finally started to records something, and we are playing around. This is good. But as father and husband and friend of my friends I needed to take some hours every day to take care of all the people who loves me.

So no new recording songs but a playlist and a video to wish you a very very happy Xmas tomorrow.



ON THE ROAD: me and my Guinness…happy birthday Molly Malone!

Zeman live @ Molly malone 2014

Zeman live @ Molly malone 2014

Buon Compleanno al Molly Malone, la mia “casa irlandese” a Lecce. Un luogo pieno di buona musica e tanta Guinness.
Happy Birthday to Molly Malone, my “Irish House” in Lecce. A place made of good music and lots of Guinness.

molly compleanno flyer

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week#36 song#35 THREE O’CLOCK —-> love in the time of college

Love in the time of college and the importance of being awake in the afternoon…

L’amore ai tempi dell’università e l’importanza di essere svegli il pomeriggio…

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